Wet Mountain Valley Saddle Club Offers Stampede Royalty for Members

As founder of the Aussie shampoo brand, Tom Redmond also is the president of Onesta Hair Care based out of Edina, Minnesota. In addition, he owns Wolf Springs Ranches in Westcliffe, Colorado. A philanthropic individual, he regularly donates to several nonprofits, including the Wet Mountain Valley Saddle Club (WMVSC).

With a goal of preserving western culture and heritage, the WMVSC offers a variety of traditional events. Its members meet the first Monday of the month, typically with a meal followed by a business meeting. Among the WMVSC fundraising events include Colorado trail rides, the annual Westcliffe stampede, and spring equine clinic.

The WMVSC offers Westcliffe Stampede Royalty, which is geared toward girls ranging in age from 9 through 19. Girls aged 9 through 11 compete for the title of princess, girls aged 12 through 15 vie for the role of Miss Stampede, and girls aged 16 through 19 compete for queen. All contestants must be members of the WMVSC. As part of the competition, the girls answer questions pertaining to equines and rodeos as well as prepare a speech. They then participate in the arena where they partake in a horsemanship riding pattern, flag waving, and a queen’s wave. The WMVSC named the 2016 court in October 2015, with Princess SkylerRose Smith, Miss Stampede Aerial-Grace Smith, and Queen Brittanee Bohannan.